Resource Updates:

- AYHC Horse Smarts Updates

2021 updates will be included in the 2022 contest

- AYHC Horse Industry Handbook Updates

Current 2021 and prior updates will be included in the 2022 contest

- Equine Science by Griffiths is now available for purchase through the AYHC website: Note sentence correction, page 60: original sentence "The size of the horse’s eyeball (known as the globe) is larger than that of any other mammal, including the elephant and the whale." changed to "The size of the horse’s eyeball (known as globe) is larger than that of any other land mammal."


In regards to the reference book; Equine Science by Parker: The ENRU committee is aware that some coaches and parents have purchased the book Equine Science by Parker after hearing that it would become a reference text for the Hippology and Horse Bowl competitions at Eastern Nationals, however the vote in committee to accept this book was taken before the latest edition was released. On first inspection of the new edition there seems to be some inaccuracies. Since it was not publicly announced that the Parker book would become a national reference, we are taking this opportunity to delay adding this reference to the list until a more thorough review of the text is possible. At that time we will either chose to adopt the Parker book, or not based on the recommendation from our reference committee. As for now, Parker Equine Science will NOT be a reference used in the 2019 Eastern National 4-H Horse Round-Up, and the use in future competition is still pending.

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