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Horse Judging

The Virtual Horse Judging Practice Contest is open to registered 4-H youth ages 14 to 18 (senior-level 4-Hers).  

The registration fee is $10 per participant.


Test your skills at evaluating classes of four horses in a variety of halter and performance disciplines.  Youth will place four (4) classes using the online platform.  Classes will be available during November 1st to November 7th.  

Youth will then have the opportunity to video themselves orally delivering one halter and one performance set of reasons for pre-determined classes.  Videos will be uploaded using Flipgrid.  Videos will be due by Nov. 7th and will be critiqued and scored by our ENRU official judges’ panel.  Feedback will be given by December 1, 2020.  No awards.
More detailed instructions will be emailed to registrants by Oct. 28th.  

Registrations may be completed by individuals or in groups of 10. The registration fee is for each participant.